43-year-old man, Ryan Bentley, forced a man to snort fentanyl before he fatally shot and killed him when he tried to run. He disposed of the body by dismembering it and stuffing it in a sealed barrel. Bentley was allegedly under the assumption that the victim, Rene Olmos Enriquez Jr, had snitched to law enforcement about drugs. Bentley has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Enriquez’s dismembered body was discovered in a barrel on November 29, 2022, nearly a month after he was reported missing on November 3, 2022. As per Fox 5 Vegas, officers were called to Palm Street and E Quail Avenue on November 29 around 1.18 pm after human remains were found in a barrel in the area that included a human torso, without its head or arms. A small tattoo on the body was matched to the one seen on Enriquez in photos. 

The victim was identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Office who said Enriquez Jr was 39 years old at the time of his death. Bentley was arrested the same day that the dismembered body was found, said police. Investigators suspect Bentley killed Enriquez at a home near Washington Avenue and Jones Boulevard in late October. Police believe Bentley dismembered Enriquez’s corpse to make it easier to dispose and put the remains in a 55-gallon barrel before having friends help load it into a car. 

According to police, Bentley was raided by police prior to the murder but was not arrested. Enriquez’s home had also been searched by police and hundreds of grams of meth, heroin and fentanyl were found. Enriquez was not arrested but treated at a hospital for being under the influence of narcotics. As he was not arrested, Bentley believed Enriquez was a snitch, the report said.

Bentley told Enriquez he had a “care package” for him and lured the man to Bentley’s own home. There, he told Enriquez he could either be murdered or snort enough fentanyl to kill himself, the report said. Enriquez chose to snort fentanyl and did several lines of fentanyl before he passed out. Bentley saw Enriquez eventually wake up as the man tried to run away. When Enriquez ran into the garage, Bentley shot him before going to another friend’s home to change his clothes, said police. His next court hearing is scheduled for January 26.

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