Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised.

Minnesotta Twins star Miguel Sano’s father, Ricardo, is wanted by Dominican authorities after he reportedly shot his ex-girlfriend dead and injured two more people. The event occurred on Sunday night, February 12, and was captured on surveillance camera footage.

The video showed Ricardo shooting Yajaira Henderson, 36, multiple times and subsequently killing her. He also injured two other people, Juan Delgado and Yuly Guerrero. Henderson, 36, was attending her sister’s birthday when Ricardo ran into her at the restaurant in San Pedro de Macoris. Dominican National Police stated that Ricardo allegedly dragged Henderson out of the store and got into an intense confrontation with her when she told him she wasn’t leaving with him, according to the Daily Mail.

The surveillance camera footage showed Ricardo walking up to Henderson and aiming his firearm at her as she stood terrified on the sidewalk. Then he fired three shots at her with his gun before hopping on his bike and riding away.

The surveillance video also captured Ricardo speaking with Henderson’s party before turning around and shooting Delgado, 35, and Guerrero, 28. Authorities have launched a manhunt for Ricardo.

On Twitter, many people have expressed their thoughts in response to this unfortunate incident. One person wrote, “God, what strong images, for this type of people they should give him life imprisonment, why is there no way to have a beast like this on the streets.”

A second person wrote, “Terrible! Her first reaction is shock. The woman never thinks that the man is capable of that. She is amazed at the first shot that doesn’t hit her, and for the second she is still in disbelief. The friend wanted to take her away. Obviously, she trusted him. I did not expect so much from the savage.”

“How do you murder the being that one day you said Love… Then it wasn’t Love, it was obsession. Regrettable one less,” a person added. “What a coldness that coward has, let’s see how he feels when justice imposes a minimum of 30 years on him,” another person wrote.


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