The brother of a man stabbed to death by his own wife in retaliation for years of abuse has come out in her defence, saying he “deserved” his murder.

Penelope Jackson killed husband David, 78, in February 2021, before telling a emergency operator she’d wanted to stab him through the heart “but he doesn’t have one”.

Jackson, 66, was jailed for life in October of that year for killing her ex-lieutenant husband following a row that erupted over a dinner of bubble and squeak.

The couple had been talking to their daughter and son-in-law on Zoom for Penelope’s birthday when the argument broke out over the evening meal she had made of sausage and mash.

After stabbing her husband of 24 years to death, the retired accountant then called emergency services, saying David would be “bleeding to death with any luck” on the kitchen floor at their home in Somerset.

A confession note written by Penelope had claimed she was “tired of the abuse”.

A documentary has now explored the motives behind what Penelope did, as David’s brother Alan revealed he had little sympathy for him.

Bubble and Squeak Murder: The Killing Of David Jackson aired on Crime & Investigation, revealing further insight into the crime for which Penelope was given a minimum of 18 years at Bristol crown court.

Alan Jackson said: “I was watching the telly and all of a sudden, there was Penny being arrested for murdering my brother.

“I was glad, he deserved it.”

But his sympathy for Penelope was counteracted by her ex-husband’s brother, who described her as a “narcissist”.

Stewart Warrender, whose brother Alan married Penelope in 1988, told producers: “She could have coerced him into going down that path, emotionally.

“I think she was clever enough to wind him up that way, to get rid of him and then carry on with this bloke that she’d already been seeing.”

According to Stewart, Alan took his own life after discovering Penelope had been having an affair with David, who she would go on to marry, and didn’t even cry at his funeral.

“Penny was so blasé,” Stewart added.

“Your husband just killed himself. The father of your child has just killed himself. Are you not really bothered?”

In the 18 minute emergency call after stabbing David, Jackson repeatedly refused the operator’s advice to apply pressure to the wound or throw him a towel to try and stem the bleeding.

She then jotted down a confession on a notepad by the telephone, and when she was arrested on suspicion of murder, replied: “It’s murder now, not attempted murder? Oh good.”

Producers also spoke to retired Met Police detective Paul Settle, who likened Penelope’s lack of remorse in the footage to that shown by Colombian cartel criminals.

“It’s kind of a thing you’d associate with Colombian drug cartels, not with middle England.

“She shows absolutely no contrition, no remorse. We were all gob smacked. On a different day that could have been our mum or our grandma.

“That’s the lady in front of you in the queue in the supermarket you pass the basket to. And now, flip of a switch, she’s a homicidal maniac.”

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