Deputies announced that the defendant in a violent “for the thrill” kidnapping case is now charged with attempted murder. The new warrant against Hunter Chase Nance, 24, was issued Monday, according to the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

The victim said she met Nance earlier Feb. 15, authorities previously claimed. She said that Nance approached her at a gas station and they exchanged phone numbers, officials said in a WHNS report. Nance allegedly offered later to take her to his place.

“At some point she agreed over the phone for the male to pick her up and the two arrived at his residence,” deputies wrote in a Facebook post.

On arriving there at the home in the city of China Grove, he locked the door and attacked her with a knife, officials said. But the woman fled.

“She was able to fight him off and ran from the scene with minor injuries,” deputies wrote.

People called authorities after seeing her walking injured.

“While being interviewed by detectives, he admitted that he had planned to kill the female for the thrill,” authorities wrote.

He allegedly expressed interest in cannibalism and killing people, according to the WHNS report. Nance said he picked the woman randomly, officials claimed. Authorities originally arrested him for first-degree kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment.

Nance is currently locked up on a total bond of $1.2 million.

“I mean obviously it could’ve ended up worse,” his next-door neighbor Paula Fullbright told the outlet. “Thank God the girl was strong enough to fight him off and get away. Honestly, I’ve had thoughts go across my mind, ‘What if he tried to break in my house and get one of my daughters?’ That’s terrible that I even have that thought, I wish I hadn’t, but that is the reality of it right now.”

“It’s a fear,” another neighbor, Richard Dawson, said. “You don’t know who you’re living next to anymore.”

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