Surveillance footage shows the horrifying moment a man picks up his wife and throws her off the side of a ferry travelling through the Sundra Strait in Indonesia.

The video shows the man walking up behind his wife, picking her up and trying to throw her over the side of the ship. 

The woman desperately clings on to the railing, keeping her from falling into the water below.

Other passengers then see the commotion and hurry over to help the woman back onto the deck.


Head of the Bakauheni Port Police Sector, Ridho Rafika, said that the incident happened on the Shalem passenger ferry from Merak to Bakauheni. 

Police also reported that the man’s family had said they did not report the incident as the husband suffered from a mental disorder.

In 2018, a father of three was charged with attempted murder after attempting to ‘throw [his girlfriend] over the side of a cruise ship.’

David James Fysh, 46, pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted murder after it was alleged that he had tried to through his partner into the Tasman Sea, apparently after an argument.

It is not unheard of that people survive falling overboard.

In November last year, a missing Carnival Cruise passenger was found by the US Coast Guard with symptoms of hypothermia and shock after falling off the side of a cruise ship near the Gulf of Mexico.

The man, 28, survived as long as 15 hours in the water before the Coast Guard found his roughly 20 miles south of the Southwest Pass in Louisiana.

Merak is a busy port in the Puloi Merak District of the City of Cilegon, Banten, in the northwest of Java.

Bakauheni is a town in the southern part of Lampung, Indonesia, and is the region’s busiest port.

There are plans to connect Merak and Bakauheni with a Sundra Strait Bridge to reduce reliance on ferries back and forth.

A trip from Merak to Bakauheni takes around two hours. 

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