Original Article – A disgraced Colorado cardiologist is facing serious allegations after being accused of date rape by ten different women.

This shocking series of accusations began when Stephen Matthews, 35, was initially arrested in April following a woman’s claim of sexual assault.

According to the affidavit, the woman alleged that after matching with Matthews on the dating app Hinge, they went out for drinks.

However, she claimed that he proceeded to drug her and engage in non-consensual sexual activity. In response, Matthews staunchly denied the charges, asserting that their encounter was consensual.

As news of the first accusation against Matthews, a 35-year-old Colorado cardiologist became public, another woman came forward with a disturbingly similar account.

This second accuser stated that she also met Matthews on Hinge and had a drink with him at a bar before going back to his residence.

It was there that she alleged Matthews offered her a drink, which he claimed was tequila and soda. However, after consuming it, she began to feel off balance. Additionally, she reported that Matthews had been filming her at one point during the encounter.

Her memory became hazy after that, but she became sick while taking an Uber ride home. She strongly believed that Matthews had sexually assaulted her.

Prompted by the initial accusations, the police appealed to potential additional victims to come forward. Subsequently, eight more women stepped forward, accusing Matthews of sexual assault.

Many of them reported instances of blacking out after consuming alcohol with him, and several detailed allegations of sexual assault.

Disturbingly, their accounts revealed patterns that had persisted over the past four years, with some incidents occurring as recently as January 2023.

Among the accusations, one woman claimed that Matthews had sent her explicit photos taken without her consent after she refused to see him again. Another victim woke up to find bite marks on her arms.

These accounts painted a troubling picture of Matthews’ alleged behavior.

During a hearing related to charges from the first accuser, Matthews was arrested outside the courtroom on further charges. The cardiologist was immediately taken into custody, handcuffed, and transported to a Denver jail.

In an interview, one of the initial victims said that Matthews has “very clearly been doing this for a long time, in a similar fashion and that’s terrifying,” reported Daily Mail.

He now faces 16 felony counts in connection with the allegations made by the ten accusers. These charges include sexual assault on a helpless victim, sexual assault without consent, sexual assault on an incapable victim, and second-degree assault involving the drugging of women.

Following his arrest, the police executed a search warrant at Matthews’ Denver home, with evidence being carried to their vehicles.

Douglas Cohen, an attorney representing Matthews, stated that his client maintains his innocence, as reported by CBS News. Cohen remarked, “He’s alleged to do things… Many people are alleged to do things – I’ll leave it at that.”