A woman and two children were kept imprisoned in their home for 17 years – while their captor covered the sound of their cries with pounding music, it’s claimed.

Luiz Antonio Santos Silva, allegedly kept his wife and two adult children, aged 19 and 22, chained up in their home in Guaratiba, Brazil.

Silva was known to locals as ‘DJ’ – as he’d blast music to cover the family’s screams, neighbor alleges.

He was arrested following an anonymous report to the police.

Officers who arrived at the house described the situation as “appalling” and said the three family members were severely malnourished and dehydrated.

According to neighbors, the two adults appear to be about 10 years old because of malnutrition.

One said: “I cried when I saw her leaving. You looked at her and thought she would be about 8 years old.”

A police spokesperson said the priority is to ensure the family receive medical treatment.

He said: “The police officers who first arrived here found these children really tied up.

“Later, I arrived and saw that they were dirty, malnourished. So, the immediate concern was to provide medical assistance.”

The victims have been taken to the Rocha Faria Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

In a shocking statement to the police, the woman claimed the three of them suffered severe abuse at the hands of her husband and would go up to three days without eating.

She said her husband never allowed her to work or her children to attend school. She attempted to leave her husband a number of times, but he threatened to kill her if she did, it was said.

An investigation is ongoing.

Elsewhere, cops launched an investigation earlier this month after a six-year-old girl died after she was rescued from a “house of horrors” in Adelaide Australia.

It is believed little Charlie and her five siblings, aged between eight and 29, suffered criminal neglect. The little one died of suspected malnutrition.

And last month photos of another terrifying den emerged. Ten slaves were kept for years in the home in Bristol.

Twisted couple Maros Tancos, 45, and Joanna Gomulska, 46, forced their victims to work nonstop for nothing and kept them locked in a three-bedroom property.

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