The South Carolina police recently stumbled across a series of videos showing a group of ruthless bullies brutally beating homeless people; They came across the videos while investigating the killing of Joshua Garnett, 31. Three people were charged with his murder – brothers Seth Norris, 18, and Shawn Norris, 20, and their friend Tristan Ramey.

Garnett was found gunned down on a street in Greenville on July 3. It’s unclear why he was killed, but Garnett’s sister claimed that he was not homeless at the time of his death. During investigation, police found videos showing the trio along with others beating up homeless people.

Seth Norris’s “distinctive long hairstyle” was used to confirm and identify his involvement easily. Police identified the other suspects in the videos as the Shawn, Ramey, David Allen Norris, and 22-year-old Logan Alexander Holmes. 

Police said the videos were shot between October 2021 and June 2022; they have asked other victims to report to the police.

In one of the clips released by the police, Norris along with the others is seen aggressively walking through a homeless camp with their phones out when a person in a tent tells them to ‘go away’ before they are kicked in the face by one of the suspects, who then continues to kick them repeatedly. In another clip, a man is seen getting punched repeatedly in the face while the group filming the attack ask ‘where’s the money?’ As the man shields himself from the vicious punches and kicks, the group shouts, “Where’s the bread?”
In the third clip, a white-shirted man is beaten repeatedly by someone who appears to be Seth Tyler Norris. After sometime, another man steps in and begins to punch him with MMA-style gloves on. Others then jump in to help beat the man. The clip ends as the group continues to punch him.

Tyler will also be facing charges of “attempted murder” for the attacks he carried out in the videos, and where the fate of the victims is still unknown. Joshua will be facing charges of second-degree assault, battery by a mob, and two counts of criminal conspiracy for his alleged involvement in making those videos. Holmes is facing attempted murder charges; David Norris is facing attempted murder and criminal conspiracy. Ramey has not been charged with the assaults as police have not been able to locate him.

The police are of the opinion that videos were shot at different locations “‘in several local homeless camps around the San Souci area”. The Sherriff’s Office said in a statement, “Investigators worked diligently to identify five victims shown in the videos; however, we have received information that there may be more. Additionally, investigators learned that many victims were afraid to report the attacks fearing retaliation.”

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