Twin brothers John and James Woodson were killed after an alleged drunk driver slammed into their car on Sunday morning in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The allegedly inebriated driver, who was named by police as Robert Dunn of Kentucky, collided with the twins while going the wrong way on Interstate 485.

Dunn, who survived the resulting crash but was injured, allegedly hit several other cars and caused multiple vehicles to catch fire.

In addition to the Woodsons, Dunn’s own passenger, 28-year-old Pedro Manuel Medrano, also died in the incident.

Following their deaths, Dunn was charged with driving while impaired and manslaughter.

The Woodson twins were widely known Rowan County, where they were cast in multiple musicals and shows throughout the area, according.

Director Reid Leonard, who brought the two into the arts scene, told the publication that the “love for these two was enormous.”

“When you talk about ‘the twins’ in Rowan County, you knew who they were talking about because they were electric to watch,” Leonard, who frequently collaborated with the local Piedmont Players, said.

Close friend Aaron “AJ” Chambers is devastated by the loss of friends he’s had since the ninth grade.

Chambers said the pals “became a trio” the first time they met in freshman year and added “there wasn’t a day where I would not see them.”

“For years and years, our favorite thing to do together was find an empty parking lot somewhere at night and turn the radio up and sing and dance until 3 in the morning.”

Cam Hall, the box office manager at Salisbury’s Meroney theatre where the boys performed, told reporters: “John and James were two of the most talented and kind young men that I guess I’ve ever met.”

“They would do anything in the world for you and we were thrilled to have them with us for as many shows as they participated in.”

In addition to the Meroney, the boys also performed at The Norvell in productions of Chicago, Dreamgirls, Grease, Leap of Faith and more.

“They’re going to be missed terribly, or they are already. It’s the saddest thing that’s happened in a very long time,” Hall said.

Hall admitted: “It’s heartbreaking.”

A memorial service to honor the beloved performing brothers is currently in the works.

The Woodson brother’s vigil will be held at North Rowan High School this weekend at 7pm, and guests are requested to wear white and white light candles, according to WBTV.

“One of the things about an accident like this is how shocking it is, and everybody is stunned in the whole area, but, how do you deal with everything,” Leonard said.

The director added: “All the people who have memories … they’re all calling, Facebook is loaded with stuff, pictures from the shows, and it’s just the family; what do you do with the funeral home.”

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