A necrophiliac murderer, who is currently serving life imprisonment for strangling and murdering 2 women and sexually assaulting the corpses of 102 other females, has now been charged with 16 more offenses.

David Fuller, 68, received a life sentence last year for beating and strangling Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, to death in two separate attacks before sexually assaulting them in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1987. Fuller, who was jailed in December 2021, even filmed himself abusing and assaulting female corpses, including a nine-year-old girl, two 16-year-olds, and a 100-year-old woman, over 12 years.

For the new trial, Fuller appeared at Medway Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, October 6, via video link. He has entered no plea to all 16 charges. The new charges on the “Necrophiliac murderer” include sexual penetration of a corpse, possessing an extreme pornographic image involving sexual interference with a corpse, and taking indecent images of children’s bodies. Fuller now will appear in Medway court on November 3.

Fuller was convicted after admitting sexually assaulting a female corpse while working as an electrician in Kent and Sussex hospital and the Tunbridge Wells hospital, in Pembury. He pleaded guilty to murdering Knell and Pierce, as well as 51 other offenses, including 44 charges relating to 78 victims in mortuaries between 2008 and November 2020.

The offenses done by Fuller came into the light after the investigators linked him with one of Britain’s longest unsolved double killings more than 30 years ago. The investigators linked Fuller with the 30-year-old case with the help of a DNA breakthrough before recovering the stash of his gruesome videos of himself abusing corpses.

The latest charges on Fuller bought by Kent police on Tuesday, October 4 are connected to the remaining 23 victims. The officers led a complex identification process with the help of which they succeeded in identifying 13 of these 23 victims. The police are yet not able to establish the identities of 10 victims but the new charges on Fuller reflect offending against all of them.

Kent Police said: “An investigation by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate has led to evidence which relates to a total of 101 victims in these mortuary settings. The latest charges are connected to the 23 remaining victims, all of whom were deceased adult females. They cover a period between 2007 and 2020.”


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