A mom in Arizona faces charges after police say she ditched her baby to go drinking in the middle of the day, reports show.

Police in Mesa, Arizona, stopped Clare Margaret Meacham along a road around 2:30 p.m. after calls of a drunk driver, according to reports.

When police stopped Meacham, she told officers that she may have left her baby at home alone.

Officers went to her home in east Mesa, Arizona, and could hear a child crying from outside the home, according to arrest records obtained by CBS 5. Police went into the home and got the child.

Authorities then called child services and waited for a family member to take custody of the infant, according to police. The age of the victim was not released.

A doorbell camera from Meacham’s home showed her leaving around 12:40 p.m., about two hours before police found the baby, the TV station noted.

Meacham told police she put her child in the crib and didn’t remember anything after that, according to the report. She also didn’t try to contact anyone to watch her child while she went out.

The mom lives alone with the baby.

Police charged Meacham with DUI and child abuse. In her mugshot, Meacham gave a big grin while being booked into jail on the allegations.

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