A man was arrested and charged in connection with three separate rapes in Queens, New York. Investigators were able to link Andres Portilla to the attacks using a maroon Honda as a link. NYPD officers arrested the man around 6.30 am on Friday, January 6.

He was charged with a litany of crimes, including rape, assault, grand theft, kidnapping, and sexual abuse. A 15-year-old girl was reportedly the victim of the first rape, which occurred in September near the intersection of 85th Street and 31st Avenue, police said. Another girl of the same age was the second victim of a sexual assault by Portilla that occurred December 16 at 2022 near the intersection of Yellowstone Boulevard and 62nd Avenue. A 21-year-old woman was raped by the suspect near the intersection of Queens Plaza South and 27th Street on New Year’s Day.

Portilla was spotted with the first teen he kidnapped on January 6 at 83rd Street and 25th Avenue, officials said. He was arrested and the teen was taken to a hospital. Police charged Portilla with rape, kidnapping, assault, unlawful imprisonment and acting in a manner injurious to a child. Officials said he has 15 prior arrests. Andres Portilla, 28, allegedly met the teen around September 1 and invited her to live with him, according to a criminal complaint. In the weeks that followed, he allegedly beat the teen and hit her with a wrench. He also allegedly stabbed the teen in the leg, reports pix11.com.

On December 16, with the first teen still in his car, Portilla allegedly picked up another 15-year-old girl near 64th Road and Grand Central Parkway Service Road, according to a criminal complaint. He allegedly locked her into the car and told her she wasn’t getting out.

On January 1, Portilla offered a 21-year-old woman to use a charger for his phone in his vehicle near Queens Plaza South and 27th Street, officials said. He allegedly locked the doors once she got in, took the woman’s phone and drove away. The trapped woman could see the bleeding teen, who had been dating Portilla since September, in the back seat of the car, according to the criminal complaint.

For the next few days, Portilla allegedly held the woman in the car, threatening to hurt her and her family. He’s accused of repeatedly raping her during those days. 

“He’s a predator, this guy,” Chief of Detectives James Essig said during an update on NYPD cases at One Police Plaza Thursday. “It looks like he’s praying on girls who are runaways and have some issues.” 

Authorities claim the teen eventually told them her story, including how she met the robber on Snapchat. The group also conducted extensive keyword searches for her statement. Essig claims the Queens teen was held hostage during the first two abductions, but was released before the third victim was taken. Police said Portilla’s victims told them he occasionally attacked them with a wrench or other implement. It is possible he also drugged them.

He was arrested a second time April 19, this time for possession of hallucinogens. He has been arrested before for similar offenses. He also has a criminal record for contempt of law and violent crimes.

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