Police in Yorktown, N.Y., made a disturbing discovery when they found the bodies of a man and woman, and 150 cats, inside a home after conducting a wellness check.

The man and woman were reportedly in their 50s, and while the cats were living in squalor, police said, they were unharmed but some were sick. Foul play is not suspected in the death of the adults, Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble said, via People.

Animal rescue group SPCA of Westchester officials said they received an emergency call from the police, who reported the 150 cats living inside the “dilapidated” home. Some had been living in the walls and ceiling, with cats in every room.

“The conditions were absolutely horrific,” the SPCA wrote on Facebook in a post that included images of multiple cats rescued from the residence.

The organization went on to say that the cats had likely gone without food and water for several days. At least 70 of those cats were transported to the SPCA.

Despite the awful conditions, SPCA Director of Development Lisa Bonnano said that the cats are “social and sweet,” considered a rarity when they haven’t had much interaction with humans.

Some of the cats are suffering from health conditions such as upper respiratory problems and skin infections, as well as malnutrition and dehydration. Several are pregnant, the SPCA said.

“The people that lived there, I think their intentions were good, that they tried to care for the cats. But they had to have been overwhelmed,” Noble said, per WCBS.

SPCA estimated that it will cost more than $40,000 to keep all of the cats healthy and is seeking donations.

“Our newest rescues desperately need your support,” the SCPA said on Facebook. “Even after all that they’ve been through, the cats are incredibly sweet and just want to be loved.”

Donations can be made at the SPCA website.

An investigation into the death of the man and woman is ongoing, police said.


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