A man facing a murder charge allegedly told someone that he took psychedelic mushrooms and killed another person at his Las Vegas apartment, according to an arrest report.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said Paul Abercrombie was taken into custody for the murder of 20-year-old Christopher McCary on Sunday, March 12.

In their arrest report, police wrote that Abercrombie arrived at UMC around 7 a.m. that day suffering from a gunshot wound to his cheek. He told hospital staff that he took “shrooms” and the last thing he remembered was making music with friends.

A witness told a detective that Abercrombie called her earlier that morning and told her that he was “f***** up off shrooms,” the report states. He claimed that someone tried to rob him and he killed that person.

The witness and another person went to an apartment near Owens Avenue and H Street and said they saw blood all over the place. They found Abercrombie in a bedroom, but he pointed a gun at them so they left the unit, according to the report.

The witness waited outside and Abercrombie eventually walked out. A police unit in the area saw him walking and tried to perform a stop, but he ran into the back seat of the witness’ car. The witness told officers she would take Abercrombie to UMC, and nobody reported the incident at the apartment to the officers.

While heading to the hospital, Abercrombie allegedly said he was with McCary making music and McCary tried to rob him, so he shot McCary, the witness told police.

Officers went to the apartment and found McCary’s body with a knife in his back and several apparent gunshot wounds. The Clark County Coroner’s office ruled he died from multiple gunshot and stab wounds, and police noted that the apartment did not show any immediate signs of a struggle.

Police wrote that Abercrombie declined to speak with a detective. McCary’s family later told investigators that he and Abercrombie were friends from high school.

Court records indicate a criminal complaint has been filed against Abercrombie for a charge of murder. He is currently being held without bail at Clark County Detention Center, and a bail hearing is scheduled for Thursday, followed by a preliminary hearing next month.

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