The wife of a slain Oklahoma pastor who admitted to collaborating with her lover to murder her husband was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday. 

Pontotoc County Judge Steven Kessinger sentenced Kristie Evans to life in prison with the possibility of parole for her role in the March 22, 2021, murder of her husband, David, who served as pastor of Harmony Freewill Baptist Church in Ada.

Kristie Evans’ attorney, Joi Miskel, expressed disappointment with the decision, telling local news outlet KTEN that she believes her client has already “served her sentence for 30 years of abuse.”

While Miskel maintained that “her remorse is real and it was from the very beginning,” Kessinger pointed to letters she wrote to her accomplice Kahlil Square and another inmate from prison as evidence to the contrary.

As The Oklahoman reported, Evans bragged about her ability to “wear a man out” in one of the letters, adding, “Any man would have done it for me after I got through with him.”

Miskel defended the letters to the publication as an indication of her conditioning to seek “positive feedback from her husband when she would perform sexually for him.” The attorney asserted that she later “cut it off,” referring to her communications with Square.

Evans pled guilty in April to convincing Square to murder her husband. She provided Square with bullets and a gun so he could commit the murder and left the door of her home open so he could enter at night as they were sleeping. 

In the nearly 18 months since Evans’ murder, disturbing details about the couple’s marriage came to light. Specifically, court documents revealed that the couple lived a double life as swingers who would engage in group sexual activities.

Private Facebook messages between the late pastor and his wife shared with NBC News documented him calling her a “frigid b***h” for refusing to have sex with other swinger couples. Square was one of the men the couple met with for group sex. Evans and Square reportedly planned the murder of the late pastor in the week leading up to his death while he was on a mission trip in Mexico.

In an interview from prison, Evans recalled that after threatening divorce, her husband held a gun to her chin as she spoke with her daughter via phone. 

According to The Oklahoman, Evans testified Tuesday that her late husband forced her to have sex with 50 to 100 men. “There wasn’t a whole lot of talk. It was just sex,” she recalled. The publication highlighted that Craigslist served as the primary medium for arranging such encounters.

At her mother’s sentencing hearing this week, Evans’ daughter Brittney Long issued a statement declaring, “My mom spent three decades of her life caged and controlled.”

She insisted her mother said “more than once that she still prefers her life now to the life she had been living since 1991.”

“After thirty years, she knew it was to the point that it was either her life or his life, so my mom did what it took to survive,” she added.

Miskel elaborated on the abusive marriage in an interview with KTEN.

“For the last five years, he pretty much farmed her out and had men have sex with her, sometimes multiples at a time and she had no choice in it,” Miskel said. “They humiliated her, degraded her. She felt like she couldn’t get out of the situation.”

Square has yet to be sentenced for his role in Evans’ murder. The Pontotoc County District Attorney’s Office has declined to comment on the matter until Evans’ accomplice in the crime learns his fate.

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