In a shocking story, five students are facing criminal charges after it was revealed that they lied about what really happened on a boat the night that a Texas Christian University freshman died.

Jack Elliott’s body was found in Lake Travis, near Austin, Texas, 10 days after he went overboard.

Delaney Brennan allegedly pushed Jack off the bow of the boat while the two were kissing – but that information was only discovered after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Jack’s family.

While the lawsuit was settled privately in 2021, a jury has determined that some of those involved will face criminal charges and a trial.

Delaney Brennan and Carson Neel, who was leading the boating trip, both face felony charges and could face up to 10 years in prison plus a $10,000 fine, the Independent reports.

Joshua Evans, Anthony Salazar, and Elle Weber are facing misdemeanor charges for their alleged roles in the tragedy.

At the time of his death in October 2019, the other teens who were onboard the boat had various accounts of what happened that night, after allegedly conspiring to cover up the truth.

A group of about a dozen teens and students had been drinking while on the boat for the day.

But when Jack went missing, the group reportedly panicked.

They allegedly hatched a plan, lying to authorities about who had been driving the boat that day.

A report filed two months after the tragedy by a game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife claimed that all alcohol that had been onboard was dumped into the water before the boat returned to the marina.

The teens were questioned individually by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and it was determined that the stories didn’t add up.

Days later, some of the teens had gathered in a hotel room to call Jack’s parents, apologizing and claiming that nobody knew what had happened.

But the father of one of the teens called Jack’s parents after listening to that phone conversation.

The father claimed that he heard from the teens that Jack had been pushed overboard.

The report from Texas Parks and Wildlife revealed two months later that they, too, believed that Jack had been pushed.

“Jack Elliott was pushed by Delaney Brennan from the front of a wakeboard boat that was operated by Elle Weber and under the supervision of Carson Neel,” game warden Ben Echelson wrote.

“Jack Elliott was struck by the propeller multiple times and was killed, the alcohol on board was thrown overboard. False statements were given to the officers responding to the accident concerning the events preceding the push and the manner in which Jack Elliott fell into the water.”

Delaney had given Jack a “playful little shove,” according to Weber, who gave sworn testimony of the incident.

“‘I was scared and in shock about what happened,” Weber said.

“I wish it had not happened and I wish I’d told police everything the first time.”

Weber also recalled that after Jack fell overboard, Delaney allegedly said: “He fell! I didn’t mean to push him!,”

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