Police have arrested a woman who was alleged to have drugged a Florida man and robbed him of $50,000 worth of jewelry and personal items after meeting him in a bar.

According to reports, police in Henderson, Nevada arrested Close Reynicke on Monday (August 15th). The 23-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina resident was identified after she had been pulled over for driving with a suspended license. Law enforcement had been on the lookout for Reynicke at the behest of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, who had put out information on her online last month.

Police reports note that the victim, Bobby Scali, apparently met Reynicke in a local bar on Las Olas Boulevard the night of June 10th. They engaged in conversation until 1:30 A.M. when they both left the bar and went to Scali’s apartment. Surveillance footage at the building showed the two holding hands as they entered, Reynicke distinctly featured due to her red hair. The video then showed the young woman leaving the building by herself two hours later. Scali told police later that he couldn’t remember any details from that night, including taking Reynicke back to his apartment. He did note that he was unable to feel his legs. A toxicology report done afterward showed the presence of several drugs in his system including tranquilizers and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly known as GHB or “the date rape drug”.

Officers investigating the case believe that Reynicke stole over $52,000 worth of items from Scali’s apartment once inside. These items include $1,000 in cash, a Rolex watch, a Breitling watch, an iPhone Pro 12, and Scali’s wallet. Currently, they have not confirmed if or when Reynicke would be extradited to Fort Lauderdale to answer for the charge of grand theft filed against her.

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