A Collin County grand jury has indicted a former private music teacher for four counts of invasive visual recording in a case that police say could expand. Eddie Henderson, 53 Dallas, is being held in the Collin County jail on $260,000 bond.

Henderson used high tech equipment to record young women and teenagers, police say.

The case began April 28 when a young teenage girl saw a man outside her window.  She told her father, but by the time he went outside, the man was gone. On May 2 the man had returned, police said

“This time the father went out and was able to follow the individual to a vehicle, got a license plate number and provided that to patrol officers when they came out,” said Det. Jerry Minton, Plano Police.

What they found was mind-boggling.  Two cameras had been rigged to the girl’s window.  The cameras were connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot that was hidden in a nearby alley.  What baffled police was the lack of data.  Nothing was found on the cameras, it had been transmitted to somewhere else, Minton said.

Police used the license plate number to track down Henderson.  At first the charge was criminal trespass.  But the offense allowed investigators to seize data on Henderson’s phone, Minton said.  He adds what they found was a trove of data, starting with images of the first victim.

Police say they were able to track the data to another location in Plano where two other women lived.  The women were able to identify pictures of themselves and their home, said Minton.

And that, police said, is hardly the end of it.

“They have found other recordings, other pictures and stuff that is going as far back as two decades that they believe is going to be the same type of situation, where he was allegedly going in and criminal trespassing in backyards setting up cameras and recording through people’s windows.” Minton said.

Police began looking for other victims and immediately got a hit.

“Murphy P.D. contacted our detective and said ‘this is what we have’ and they found similar recording devices on this lady’s window in Murphy.”

The investigation remains active and police think they may find other victims as they analyze Henderson’s phone and iCloud data.

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