An 81-year-old woman and her 54-year-old daughter are accused of suffocating and burning the elderly woman’s ex-husband in their home.

According to the Lewiston Police Department, 87-year-old Kenneth Morrison was reported missing in March, though he had reportedly not been seen since January. Lewiston Police said they started investigating Kay Morrison and her daughter Kimberly Morrison after Keith’s disappearance. Keith was reportedly Kimberly’s father and was once married to Kay.

Police executed a search warrant at Kimberly and Kay’s house and arrested them Aug. 16.

In a statement, the Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office said the Morrison women “both played a part in drugging Kenneth and then suffocating him in their home.”

Kay and Kimberly reportedly discussed their plan in text messages to each other, which allegedly involved giving Kenneth lorazepam and liquid morphine “without his knowledge over several weeks.”

Kay, however, had reportedly been “‘dosing’ Kenneth for several years.”

On Jan. 6, Kimberly and Kay allegedly “taped Kenneth to a wheelchair and suffocated him with a bag over his head.”

According to the probable cause affidavit cited by the Lewiston Tribune, Kimberly allegedly told detectives her mom had been poisoning Kenneth with the lorazepam and morphine without his knowledge. Kay, however, reportedly said Kimberly had been giving Kenneth the drugs to “mellow” him out.

Kay reportedly admitted to detectives she put a large bag over Kenneth’s head to suffocate him while Kimberly tied him to the wheelchair. Kimberly reportedly said they used a garbage bag or a turkey roasting bag but decided against a grocery bag. Kimberly and Kay allegedly tested the grocery bag by placing it over Kimberly’s head and found it wouldn’t work as well.

Kimberly also confirmed Kenneth died Jan. 6.

After his death, Kimberly allegedly wrapped Kenneth’s body in canvas, stored it outside the home, surrounded it with wood, then set it on fire atop a car hood. Kimberly reportedly lit more fires in the same area after burning her father.

Kay allegedly confirmed the information Kimberly had shared.

Kay and Kimberly Morrison are reportedly being held in the Nez Perce County Jail on a murder charge. Their bonds were each set at $1 million.

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