In an incident that unfolded in Minnesota this week, a 27-year-old man, Dalal Bayle Idd, was arrested for allegedly admitting to the murder of his seven-year-old brother, Abdullahi Adod Gelle.

He was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with one count of second-degree murder in the slaying of his younger brother.

The emergency dispatchers received phone calls from an individual later identified as Dalal Bayle Idd. In these calls, he made cryptic statements, initially stating, “I just did something,” but expressing uncertainty about the nature of his actions.

He hesitated to reveal if he had harmed someone. However, as the calls continued, he claimed that he had “hurt someone else” and justified his actions by asserting that he did it “for the greater good.”

He even mentioned that he felt compelled by a divine message, saying, “God told me to do something to prove that I’m not God.”

Upon receiving these calls, the Eden Prairie Police Department (EPPD) responded, dispatching officers and emergency medical personnel to the address from which the calls were made.

This address was later identified as the residence of the suspect’s parents, situated in the 9000 block of Lee Drive in Eden Prairie, a quiet suburban community located approximately 15 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

Upon arriving at the scene, first responders encountered Idd, who claimed to be grappling with mental health issues. They transported him to a hospital for evaluation.

During this initial encounter at the home, Idd made a statement, suggesting that he feared his mother might seek retribution against him because of his actions, stating, “I’ve done something that may have her want to kill me.”

Subsequently, the police returned to the residence to conduct a thorough search for other occupants.

During this search, they found two young children who were asleep in their beds, unharmed. A third child, identified as Idd’s 7-year-old brother Abdullahi, was found unconscious and not breathing. Officers immediately initiated life-saving measures and rushed the young victim to a hospital.

Abdullahi succumbed to his injuries and passed away shortly after arriving at the medical facility.

The autopsy conducted by the Office of the Hennepin County Medical Examiner revealed visible petechial hemorrhages around Abdullahi’s eyes. These small “pinpoint” hemorrhages are typically associated with “terminal asphyxia,” as described by the National Library of Medicine.

While the autopsy did not definitively establish any life-threatening injuries or diseases, it noted that such hemorrhaging is often seen in cases of strangulation and that nothing found during the examination would be inconsistent with strangulation, Law&Crime reported.

Court records reveal that Dalal Bayle Idd had previously been convicted on charges of first-degree assault and aggravated robbery in 2014. He had pleaded guilty to these charges and had received a significant sentence of 103 months in a state correctional facility.

The loss of Abdullahi has left the family and community grappling with grief. A GoFundMe page, established by a cousin, painted a poignant picture of the young boy. It described Abdullahi as a bright light in the lives of those around him, stating, “He was loved by everyone who knew him, and his loss is a devastating blow to family and friends.”

The page added, “Abdalla was a kind and gentle soul, always eager to make you laugh. He loved to spend time with his family and play Roblox with his siblings. He was always smiling and laughing, and he brought joy to everyone around him.”

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