A 57-year-old woman was sentenced to up to 12 years in state prison for trying to suffocate her paralyzed husband with a trash bag.

The Times-News reports Mildred Nineth Rivero, who was previously known as Mildred Nineth Hope, was sentenced for attempted first-degree murder of her husband. Court records indicate Rivero changed her plea to guilty March 14, and, according to the Times-News, prosecutors dropped charges of attempted strangulation and destruction, alteration, or concealment of evidence.

Rivero was booked into the Cassia County Jail on Sept. 19 after police responded to their home for a domestic call. Rivero reportedly went up to her husband while he napped in a reclining chair and put a trash bag over his head, then held him down in the chair as he awoke and struggled.

The husband reportedly told police he was able to create a small hole in the bag to help him breathe, but then Rivero tightened the bag.

According to court documents cited by the Times-News, Rivero’s husband was able to roll off the chair. Police reportedly located the plastic bag in the trash with nothing in it except for hand marks on the sides.

Rivero’s husband was reportedly paralyzed after he suffered a stroke several years ago and lost 80% of the function on the right side of his body.

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