Police in Memphis, Tennessee have reported that a man fought off a burglar until the police arrived.

On Saturday, officers were called to a fight at Mayflower Avenue in Shelby County’s Nutbush neighborhood. Upon arrival, officers reported that two men were in a physical altercation.

One of these men was the homeowner who told police that he arrived home and noticed that his storm door was open. When he entered the property he found a pile of clothing by the front door and that the attic ladder had been left down.

The victim said that after he saw Christopher Barker, 31, in the attic wearing one of his jackets, he told him to come down. Barker then came down the steps but then dived through a window into the street.

The homeowner stopped Barker not far from the property and waited for police, but neighbors told News Channel 3 Memphis that Barker took a beating before the police arrived—as is evident in the mugshot later released by law enforcement.

According to data collected by CrimeGrade, the Nutbush area has a higher rate of property crime than average for a U.S. city.

Crime data revealed that the rate of property crime in the neighborhood is approximately 69 per 1,000 residents per standard year.

Barker’s bond was set at $5,000. He is scheduled to make his first appearance before a judge on on February 21.

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