A 22-year-old aspiring model is accused of stabbing her father to death — and then pretending he’d died in a botched home invasion, according to multiple news outlets.

Nikki Secondino, 22, allegedly stabbed her 61-year-old father, Carlo Secondino, to death in their Bensonhurst, Brooklyn apartment early Thursday morning, according to a statement from the New York City Police Department.

Nikki Secondino is also accused of trying to kill her 19-year-old sister. The younger woman survived the stabbing, and was taken to a Brooklyn hospital in critical condition, per the NYPD statement.

An unidentified neighbor told NBC New York she heard screams and the sound of bodies “slamming against the wall” during the alleged stabbing spree. She also told the outlet she heard Carlo yelling for someone to call 911, and that Nikki had beaten on her door during the incident, claiming two strangers had broken into her family’s apartment and demanded money.

“I saw the blood in the hallway and that’s when I got shaken up. I saw the blood in the hallway and closed it,” another resident of the building told NBC New York.

When officers responded to the second-floor apartment, Nikki allegedly told them two male intruders wearing ski masks had burst into the residence and demanded access to a safe.

Carlo was found already deceased upon the police’s arrival. Both Carlo and his 19-year-old daughter had been stabbed “about the body,” according to the NYPD.

Nikki had slash marks on her hands, the NYPD said, and her story about the home invasion allegedly began to fall apart.

The woman has since been charged with murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon.

A local resident who knew Carlo said she was “in shock,” and described him as a “very nice man,” noting that she “[hopes] God rests his soul.” Another woman who knew him said he’d “dropped a hint” in recent days about something bad happening at home.

The victim reportedly used to work on Wall Street, and served as a local restaurant delivery driver before his death.

Prior to the alleged murder, police had reportedly responded to the Secondino apartment on earlier calls of family members fighting, and neighbors also claimed they’d heard loud arguing there in the past, per PIX 11.

It is unclear if Nikki has retained a lawyer to speak on her behalf, or issued a plea to the charges against her.

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